The Feast

The train whistles into Gare de Nord and screeches to a halt. I glance out the misted window at the bustle below. A sea of grey pinstriped suits sways about on the wooden quay. Smoke billows onto the platform. People wear agitated looks. I reach into my purse and re-check the address scribbled on a…Read more »

The Greeting

“Welcome to Paris, where the local time is 9am and the current temperature is minus three degrees Celsius. On behalf of Air France, I would like to thank you for travelling with us from Sydney today. We hope to see you onboard in the near future.”   I stroke Aidan’s soft curls. He stirs. “Aidan,…Read more »

The Contract

“Alright, show them to me, then,” announces Janet, the Ballet Mistress of the Moulin Rouge. Joanna, Christina, and I stand in the dimly lit backstage office of the famous cabaret and face the ballet mistress like prized cattle at an exhibition. It is early spring of 1999. I arrived in Paris only days before. Six…Read more »